When I moved to Los Angeles, I knew that football season was going to be rough for me. I had moved from Baltimore, which meant that I would not get to see many Ravens games unless they were playing in prime time. I did a search for Time Warner Cable near LA after I got settled in since that was the cable company serving my area. It was during this search that I found out about Directv and their exclusive football package.

I had looked at the Raven's schedule, and I would only be able to watch four of their games. However, if I went with Directv, I would be able to watch every single game, including preseason. I compared a few other things like price and channel lineups, but I already knew that I was getting Directv no matter what it cost. The good thing is that it was actually less for me to get Directv than it would have cost me to get Time Warner. I also got some really nice deals thrown into my package, in addition to the NFL Sunday Ticket, which was the ultimate for me.

My wife and kids were excited about being able to watch different programs in their rooms thanks to the Genie Go equipment we were given, and they also liked the freebie movie channels that were thrown in for three months. Even when the time period is up, we are going to keep these channels because the price does not go up very much at all. I have a feeling that everyone in my house is happy to see me get the Ravens games now. Otherwise, they would have been dealing with a grumpy man, so it really did work out well for all of us. They even watch some of the games, and I watch some of their movies!

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