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Month: June 2016

My Tenth Anniversary Surprise for My Wife

When I decided to surprise my wife on our tenth anniversary, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. We did not have a lot of money when we first fell in love, so our wedding was very low key. We did not have a honeymoon, but we were absolutely okay with that. Our finances have changed greatly since then, and I wanted to finally give her the special day that she didn't have back then. I arranged for a Toronto limo company to send their finest stretch limo to our house on the morning of our anniversary.

The driver had an envelope for my wife, and he handed it to her after she answered his knock. I wish I could have seen that smile that I knew she must have had as she read the note. She had instructions to get in the limo, where she was greeted by her sister, who had been her maid of honor. Her sister was aware of all the plans for this day and was a huge help in getting my wife to the different places that I had set up for her.

The first was to get her hair and nails done as part of a spa package. She and her sister were pampered for three hours, getting the full works done. The limo then took them to a dress boutique, where my wife was able to try on all kinds of things. She had orders to pick one dress for a nice dinner that evening, but she could get as many others as she wanted too. The limo then took them to a nice bistro for a lunch, then the driver took them to my wife's sister house, where I was waiting. I took my sister-in-law's place in the limo, and the driver took us for an hour long drive through the city. Finally, we were dropped off at a gorgeous resort, where I had booked a room for us for three days. Our car was already there to drive home in, so the limo dropping us off was the end of the surprises, and where the fun and relaxation really began.

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If You Try Foods from Around the World, Try Them Made from Authentic Recipes and Ingredients

The Gaig family started a restaurant in Singapore. If you like Catalan food, this is the place to try. When I visited, I would say it is the best Spanish food restaurant in Singapore. The chef is Eduard Castellarnau. The restaurant might be in the Asian country of Singapore, but the roots are firmly in Spain with the Gaig family at the helm. It was started by chef Carles Gaig, and now it is managed by his daughter, Nuria Gibert. I really enjoy Spanish cuisine, and this restaurant in the area of Dempsey Hill really struck my fancy.

They are open from Noon to three and then six to eleven daily. They only have High Tea between three and five. I wish they had a restaurant down the street from our house here in America, because I would eat there every day. If you like Spanish food, you want it made right. You want authenticity. I never liked to eat at ethnic restaurants that throw in a regional flare for foods from other countries. You know, like finding french fries and grilled cheese at a Mexican restaurant. If it is a Japanese, Spanish, Mexican or Italian eatery, I want really authentic foods made to authentic recipes.

I have a cousin who fancies Mexican food, but he only likes the Americanized version of it. If I actually took him to a fancy place to eat in Mexico, he would probably turn his nose up at it. The same would go for Spanish food for me if it was Americanized. I wouldn't like it then. I think most people would really like different recipes from around the world if they could get them made in an authentic way with authentic ingredients. Think of the staple hamburger we have here. Even though people eat turkey burgers, it is not the same as a hamburger made from beef. You can even mimic them with textured vegetable protein in veggie burgers, but it is not the same. Go authentic when you are experimenting with global cuisine.

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He Needed to Recharge My AC Unit

My air conditioner is a lifeline for me in the summer months here in New York City. Even when the temperature is in the 70s, I like to turn it on because my house can become quite stuffy. When the temperatures are in the 80s or 90s, it becomes an absolute necessity. Well, I had to contact a company that does AC repair in NYC last month because my air conditioner was running but not putting out any cold air. I was thankful that the compressor was running, which indicated to me that there might just be a problem with the refrigerant level or even a leak.

I knew a few things to check, but I am really not extremely knowledgeable about how air conditioners work. I listened for any odd noises as well as any residue or debris that looked like it might be clogging the air conditioner. I was not able to find anything or hear anything though, which is why I decided to call the company that came out and fixed it. I knew that I could look at it for a month of Sundays and still not know what was wrong with it, so I just contacted them since they are the professionals.

When the technician came out, he was able to determine that it was just a simple problem with the refrigerant levels. He was able to recharge it, and it felt so blissfully cold after just a short period of time. It did not cost me very much money since it was such an easy fix, and it did not take a lot of time either. I am just so glad that it is fixed now that the weather is getting even warmer. I couldn't have went even a few hours without my air conditioner today!

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