When I first started looking at Hattiesburg apartments, I was just going to get a one bedroom unit. That was until I started looking at the two bedroom units that Breckenridge Park apartments offer. They are not much more money per month, and they are definitely nicer than the one bedroom units. I do bring my work home with me a lot, but I usually just have the kitchen table set up as my home office. I knew that if I had a two bedroom unit, I would be able to have a dedicated office just for those times.

That did excite me, because I knew that I would be able to bring my work home with me a lot more. The main reason I didn't before is because I would get distracted a lot. Having my own dedicated office space meant that I would be able to tune out all distractions and get my work done. Not having to commute every single day would save me a few hours a week, which I would rather spend at home instead of in traffic. The two bedrooms even have a second bathroom, which could definitely come in handy too.

I do sometimes have guests over, and I knew that it would be nice to have a bathroom for them that was not the one that I use as well. There is a Master bath right off my bedroom, and there is also a large walk in closet. Being able to keep that private from guests is ideal, so that was just another perk of getting a two bedroom apartment. I also like that there is storage as well as patio at opposite ends of the apartment. There is almost too much room, but I really like that. I will never feel cramped here, which I have felt before at the two apartments I have lived at prior to this one.

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