My best friend in high school got accepted into Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and throughout our college years, I would visit her on every school break and spent the summer before my senior year in Dallas with her.

It was so difficult to leave and come back to Ohio after each visit that upon college graduation, my best friend invited me to share a place with her while I did some job hunting in the area. First order of business was to check out some Dallas Uptown apartments as my friend’s current apartment was just too small for the two of us to live for any length of time and my back could only take so much sleeping on the battered futon in the middle of her living room.

My friend and I have very similar tastes and finding a place to share that would give us both some privacy while also being a great place to entertain our friends was a must. I loved to experiment in the kitchen so I really wanted a place with a great kitchen space and top end appliances as well.

The Uptown area was perfectly situated for my friend and her new job in one of the local schools and I had some great job offers in the vicinity as well. All that was left was to accept a job offer and begin the fun part of moving. For my friend, it took one afternoon and her boyfriend to move her stuff. For me, however, we spent a couple of days making the drive to Ohio in a rental truck and then I had my dad fly down to Dallas to help us with my stuff.

My dad treated us to a couple of incredibly wonderful meals at fancy restaurants and it was very difficult saying goodbye to him at the airport, but I was ready to start enjoying this new stage of my life in Dallas.