I met this girl a couple of days ago and she was really cute and I was really trying to get her phone number about as hard as I could. At any rate she was telling me that she was an aesthitician and I really did not know what that meant, but it amounts to someone who helps you with your skin from looking at the internet. Of course a dermatologist is a skin doctor, but in this case she is really operating a co2 laser in Singapore and using it for cosmetic work on specific parts of the body. It seems pretty obvious that you can not do this to make a person actually lose weight, but they seem to leave that impression at times when you see them advertise these sorts of services. That is clearly not practical, but they do seem to claim that it can make you appear to be slimmer.

I do not understand how this works, but the target areas are ones where I am familiar with the issues. I pulled up my shirt and showed her my abs, just to strike a conversation. Of course I have lost about twenty pounds and when I did I expected my abs to just automatically look like one of those statues from Ancient Greece, but they do not look anything like that. That is what this is supposed to help you with, that is they are going to make you feel a lot better about going to the beach and taking off your shirt. They use it on the lovehandles too, but those really do not seem to be that big of a deal with me. It seems that those probably result from gaining and losing weight a lot, but I barely have any of them to worry about.