When I decided to surprise my wife on our tenth anniversary, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. We did not have a lot of money when we first fell in love, so our wedding was very low key. We did not have a honeymoon, but we were absolutely okay with that. Our finances have changed greatly since then, and I wanted to finally give her the special day that she didn’t have back then. I arranged for a Toronto limo company to send their finest stretch limo to our house on the morning of our anniversary.

The driver had an envelope for my wife, and he handed it to her after she answered his knock. I wish I could have seen that smile that I knew she must have had as she read the note. She had instructions to get in the limo, where she was greeted by her sister, who had been her maid of honor. Her sister was aware of all the plans for this day and was a huge help in getting my wife to the different places that I had set up for her.

The first was to get her hair and nails done as part of a spa package. She and her sister were pampered for three hours, getting the full works done. The limo then took them to a dress boutique, where my wife was able to try on all kinds of things. She had orders to pick one dress for a nice dinner that evening, but she could get as many others as she wanted too. The limo then took them to a nice bistro for a lunch, then the driver took them to my wife’s sister house, where I was waiting. I took my sister-in-law’s place in the limo, and the driver took us for an hour long drive through the city. Finally, we were dropped off at a gorgeous resort, where I had booked a room for us for three days. Our car was already there to drive home in, so the limo dropping us off was the end of the surprises, and where the fun and relaxation really began.