I knew that we had to find a company secretary for Singapore businesses before we actually started our company. Though we were not planning on doing this for another few months, I still wanted to have everything ready for that magical day when our company would be legally established and open for business. There are many companies that will provide this service to people like me, who want to start their own company. There are rules and regulations that must be followed though, and this is one of them. Any company that is getting established must first have a company secretary within the first six months of being open.

Since we wanted everything in place for Day One, which is what we had been calling our opening day, I went online to look at the different companies that offer this type of service. I looked at several, just to make sure I was keeping all of my options open, and I kept coming back to one called VentureHaven. The first thing I did for each of the companies I looked at was study their About Me page. This is something I always have done, no matter what I am looking at, because it really gives you the best picture.

This company is led by a person with a dozen years of experience in this industry, and he has a knowledgeable team helping him with every aspect of helping businesses here. I then read about all the services that they provide, including the role of company secretary. There was not a single thing that caused me pause on their site, and I knew that they were the ones that we were going to use. I contacted them, explaining our business and goals, and they are on board for when we finally reach Day One, which is not too far off!